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SHESC Newsletter Archives

Individual news items for members are here

The SHESC newsletter - the "SHESC Messenger" is now published online in an e-newsletter format only, twice per month. This allows readers to click on hyperlinks within the articles, e-mail SHESC staff members directly, and save a digital copy of the newsletter.

Previous newsletters will be available too. We hope this makes the newsletter more convenient and user-friendly. To view the most recent newsletter click on the link at the top. Archived newsletters are listed below that.

Most Recent 'SHESC Messenger'

Newsletter Archive

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Start of January 2021

Start of January 2022

End of January 2021

End of January 2022

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Start of February 2022

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End of February 2022

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End of March 2022

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Start of April 2022

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End of April 2022

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End of May 2021

End of May 2022

Start of June 2021

Start of June 2022

End of June 2021

End of June 2022

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Start of July 2022

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End of July 2022

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Start of August 2022

End of August 2021

End of August 2022

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End of December 2021



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